Help Protect and Support

Peace in the Home creates Peace in the Community

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Peace in the Home creates Peace in the Community

We all have our daily struggles, but for some, their troubles are too difficult or overwhelming for them to navigate alone.

The knowledge that someone they don't know cares about them, their families and their well-being is empowering to everyone we serve. Your gift helps rebuild hope, faith and peace in the lives of so many.

Imagine the ways in which your donation can impact our clients:

  • The security and safety that a frightened woman feels in leaving a relationship which she fears, but the only home her and her children know.
  • The brighter future a child can have after leaving an abusive home and getting help with the trauma.
  • The stronger relationship a refugee mother can build with her children as she struggles to raise them in the US.
  • The wave of relief a family can feel as they face the challenges of caring for a seriously ill loved one.